Schuylkill Hosts Old Blue and Baltimore-Chesepeake in Pre-Season Double Header

Posted by David Codell on Mar 13 2018 at 12:08PM PDT

Over the weekend Schuylkill overcame weather related issues that have been plaguing us for the past couple of weeks and had the opportunity to host two great clubs in a pre-season friendly before MAC action kicks back off this weekend. The D1 Exiles took on a mixed D1/D2 Old Blue side while D2 Troop went up against Baltimore-Chesapeake’s D2 side.

As Director of Rugby Pat Boyle put it "we are privileged every year to face Old Blue in a spring friendly. They are a first class club, and always bring out the best in our boys. At the same time, for D2 to get to play against BC D2, made the day even better. BC are one of our rivals yet one of our closest friends. Again, first class club from top to bottom. So from the go, it was set to be a great day of rugby.”

The Exiles got the day started off on the right foot earning a hard-earned 26-19 victory in the opening match. It was a tight contest throughout and it wasn’t until Brian Keown crashed through for a try on the final play that the game was sealed. Try scorers for the D1 side included Matt Giannascoli, Graham Johnston, Geoff Matthes, and Keown.

Asked for his thoughts on the match, Boyle stated "Old Blue’s defensive structure was phenomenal, the line speed and integrity was the best we’ve seen and I wouldn’t expect anything less. They really shut down our wide attack. Our defense kept us In the game until our offense adjusted a bit. In the second half, the boys in the middle started to get some good go forward and then we were able to turn them around a bit with some effective kicking which saw us through. It was a good match and Old Blue and us got to run on some new blood as well.”

In the second match of the day Troop overcame a slow start to turn a 0-0 match at halftime into a 24-0 win. A good turnout overall from our forwards on the day allowed us to keep fresh legs in the game and eventually take control. Scoring for the D2 side was Ricky Schneider (2), Jordan Ghyzel, and Beau Lail.

Asked for comment, Boyle told me “In the first half, BC really dominated the breakdown and scrum. We had our chances but credit to BC they kept closing the door. They are hard nosed guys, very well coached, and it showed in their discipline when we got inside the 22. The second half we were able to wear them down a bit and we got some quicker ball which opened things up. Good match for both sides and think it’s what both sides needed."

D1 Scorers:
Tries: Keown, Giannascoli, Johnston, Matthes
Cons: Keown (3)

D2 Scorers:
Tries: Lail, Ghyzel, Schneider (2),
Cons: Mininger (2)

Season Scoring Tally
Tries: Michael Bacon (4), Beau Lail (4), John Hines (3), James Brunson (2), Tito Callahan (2), Dave Gross (2), Dave Hilley (2), Ricky Schneider (2), John Sneh (2), Pat Bellot (1), Mike Centanni (1), Jordan Ghyze, (1), James Glatts (1), Josh Marchisio (1), Brian Taylor (1), Ryan Tower (1), Yuriy Trimba (1), Matt Tyris (1)
Cons: Ryan Tower (6), John Hines (3), Greg Mininger (4),Tito Callahan (2)
Pens: Ryan Tower (1)

Tries: Ben Janssen (5), Rick Schneider (5), Cody Bukowski (3), Rich Casey (3), Chino Deal (3), Ryan McHugh (3), Pat Boyle (2), Matt Giannascoli (2), Brian Keown (2), Roman Lowery (2), Lucas Brickley (1), Mike Centanni (1), Jeff Hall (1), Graham Johnston (1), Tyler Kelly (1), Geoff Matthes (1), Joe Midwig (1), Jim Rosato (1), Matt Tyris (1)
Cons: Brian Keown (18) Matt Chiaramonte (4) Cody Bukowski (2)
Pens: Brian Keown (4)


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