Player Profile: John Hines Jr.

Posted by David Codell on Jan 15 2018 at 01:32PM PST

In the second installment in our off-season player profile series we sit down with John Hines Jr.

1. Let’s get to the heart of the issue right off the bat. Who’s a better dancer, you or your brother Vaughn?
Vaughn is the better dancer. He inherited the rhythm and I got competitiveness over him.

2. Okay, back to serious for a second, how long have you been playing rugby?
This will be my 6th year playing rugby

3. The coaches like to move you around because of your versatile skill set, what’s your favorite position to play?
My favorite has to be fullback because I can pick my spots on the field, exploit gaps and create for myself and my teammates. Plus, I get to kick sometimes

4. You play a lot of back 3 but obviously love lowering the shoulder and putting the boom on somebody. Where does that mentality come from?
I definitely get it from my dad. Growing up he often talked about playing football and giving people “snot bubbles” which occur when you hit someone hard enough to knock snot bubbles out of their nose.

5. What attracted you to the game of rugby and got you playing in the first place?
Rugby was so attractive to me because of the physicality of the sport. I’ve only played light contact sports (basketball and baseball), so actually hitting people is so much fun.

6. What makes Schuylkill River the club for you?
Schuylkill River is the club for me because of the brotherhood aspect of the club. Everyone is so close and everyone cares about one another. A key moment for me was when I got hurt in college, I got so much support from Schuylkill even though I had only played one summer here at the time.

7. What’s your proudest rugby moment so far?
My proudest rugby moments are probably captaining U23 and winning Men’s open both years.

8. What do you hope to accomplish individually and with Schuylkill going forward in your career?
For both 15s and 7s, I want to be a regular on both premier sides for Schuylkill. Individually, I just want to get into great shape, improve my game and travel to play.

9. Your family comes to a lot of matches, and your mom is pretty active within our Club’s social media. How does their support help you perform?
The support helps a lot, whether it’s pushing me to play better because I know who’s watching or just knowing that they’re behind me 100% whether I have a great game or a bad one.

10. In my last interview with Ryan McHugh I asked for some cheese steak recommendations. What are your go-to spots and do you have any special order recommendations?
My go-to cheesesteak spot is Maxx’s on Broad and Erie. The best in the world. All I get on mine is the regular SPK and some mayo.

11. I saw a meme about this online and for some reason I thought of you. If you were outside with your dog and two dogs started barking at him would you start barking back with him so your dude wouldn’t be outnumbered?
Of course I’d join my dog in barking at them. They’re not gonna bark jump Big Nico.

12. What’s on your pregame playlist?
My pregame playlist consists of a lot of Meek Mill (Free Meek), Dave East and Rick Ross

13. You call me granddad, especially on game day. What was the reaction from your family like the first time they noticed you doing that?
It was hilarious, they were like “first of all, who is grandpa and why is he grandpa”. They were so perplexed

14. Who’s your favorite pro player? I’d heard before that it was Eben Etzbeth from South Africa which would make our teammate Izak happy.
Actually my favorite pro player has to be Reiko Ioane. He’s a great young player that can burn you or go through you.

15. In addition to 15s, you’ve had plenty of success in 7s as well and captained our U-23 Academy to a MAC championship last summer. Which version of the game do you prefer and why?
I prefer 7s because of its open play and how it forces you to work on your fitness, defense and your handling skills.

16. Unless I’m mistaken, you’re from Philadelphia. How did you end up becoming a Steelers fan?
My dad and my mom’s parents are all Steelers fans. Plus I have family in Pittsburgh, so I was born into greatness

17. What’s a fact about you that might surprise your teammates?
One fact that might surprise them is that I’m super into poetry and the arts. I love writing and I love seeing it performed and I admire all works of art.

18. What does Philadelphia rugby mean to you and how do you try to embody that?
Philadelphia rugby, to me is very technical and scrappy. Most teams I’ve seen in Philadelphia are smaller in stature than other teams but always overcome that by being more fit, more gritty and more technically sound.

19. Do you prefer Donald Glover or Childish Gambino?
Childish Gambino is the better being

20. What’s the first thing you’re buying if you win the lottery?
If I win the lotto, I’m buying a huge house with my face painted on the garage door.


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